Perk audience diagram

Picture 6

The diagram above is a digital re-production of an exercise we undertook in our first workshop. The aim of the exercise was to set out our companies main target audiences, and to list how each type of consumer can be targeted. The three types of consumer we listed were: Students (including post-grad), oxford road based workers (including such workers as lecturers and business people) and random shoppers.

Target Audience & suitable digital marketing strategies:

Our team decided based on efficient research that students and Oxford road based workers  would both be effected by very different digital platforms. Both are inevitably effected by the most popular social platforms such as twitter, Facebook & Youtube. However the highest users of these social media are (insert evidence here) and so the students based on Oxford Road will be most heavily affected by digital marketing strategies based around the use of such social platforms. Oxford road based workers however typically belong to an older demo-graph and so will be effected by a slightly different and more traditional type of digital media as listed in the diagram. However, based on research this demo-graph is also effected by particular types of social media. These include Blogs, online magazines, Twitter. However, more recent types of social media such as ‘Vine’ remain more exclusively used by a younger demographic which includes students.

Target Audience & positioning of products:

Perk is a takeaway and stay in food and drinks cafe, with the untraditional option of frozen yogurts featuring a choice of an array of quirky toppings. We feel that the store offers a range of offerings for different consumer types. Thus consumers must be targeted and maintained accordingly with use of suitable digital marketing techniques in order to target consumers precisely using the most relevant digital marketing strategies. This will allow Perk to maximize and maintain customer surplus and satisfaction.

if you have any ideas on the diagram feel free to leave them in the comments box and we will get back to you!


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