Duolingo Joins iOS7!


For those of you who dont already know, Duolingo is a relatively new and innovitative language learning software which has taken the world by storm with its exciting and playful style of learning. So what has it done recently which interests us as digital marketers?

Updating its application to match iOS7

Duolingo features a web based version of its game, available to those with access to computers. But as any clever marketer would do, they also brought out an app based version of their game for the more phone savvy customer base. Firstly on Android and then realeased shorly after on Iphones and ipads. However, Duolingo’s clever little marketing team likes to go the extra mile. Each of Duolingos applications have been designed specifically to match the style of the platform they are featuring on. If you look at the image below you can see Duolingo adjusted the appearance of their mascot in line with the style of the Android phone.


These images were then ambigiously posted on Duolingo’s  facebook page, twitter account and blog leading up to the release of its Android application. This created a huge hype amongst Duolingo fans, but particulairly Android fans who were suspicious of the new duolingo mascott who now looked suspiciously similair to Androids mascott.

And now most recently Duolingo has updated their iphone application in line with the style new iphone iOS7 update. Clever? we think so. Duolingo announced the changes to their application across their social platforms which meant Duolingo cleverly got itself caught up in the immense iOS7 hype. Thanks to the companys fast thinking action, Duolingo now appears on the homepage of iphones ‘designed for iOS7′ section of their applications service. The company even recently featured on apples T.V advertisement for iOS7! Nothing better for Duolingos marketing than to gain a little bit of free advertisement and to become assosiated with a business tec-giant like Apple. Duolingo then announced their proud achievement across their social platforms, helping to induce an increase awareness of the progression of their service and their brand.


So how did Duolingo’s clever move into the OS7 century benefit them?

  • Free advertising in the form of apple advertisements
  • Association with a Apple, a huge and widely acknowledged tec-giant
  • Increase in awareness across traditional and digital platforms (in the form of iOS7 hype, social media advertisement, tv advertisements and advertisements featured on apple and androids application service)

Duolingo reaped in massive rewards from a simple but quick minded decision to theme its applications in line with the platforms it will feature on.  keep an eye out for this company, as we feel they will have plenty of unique marketing strategies to come!


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