The World’s Top 10 Social Brands

Social Media analysts Starcount has given it’s list of the top 10 most social brands in September.

To celebrate it’s 125st Anniversary National Geographic ran a photo competition, seeing them gain 1million new Facebook likes, and clinching them the top stop.

But who else made the chart?


1.National Geographic – Asked readers to submit their favourite wildlife photos to celebrate it’s Quasquicentennial (125th) Anniversary, gaining 1 million new facebook likes.


2.Samsung Moblie – The long awaited Galaxy Round was announced in September, leading to a 1 million new twitter followers.


3.Disney – After celebrating it’s 60th Anniversary, Disney totalled 150,000 new Chinese followers on Sina Weibo in September.


4. MTV – Confirmation of acts to perform including Katy Perry, Ron Burgandy, and Miley Cyrus (We won’t forget that one in a hurry) at the European Music Awards, helped to get MTV 550,000 new Facebook likes.


5. Nike – Increased their YouTube views by 1.7 Million this month, with the help of the released of a football boot dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo.


6. Pepsi – The Baseball World Series helped to gain Pepsi 85,000 new followers on twitter.


7. Coca-Cola – 1.5 million new Facebook fans in September.


8. Google – 6.8 new YouTube views together with breaking the $1000 share price mark meant September was a good month for Google.


9. Instagram – Even introducing adverts on the app platform can’t slow down Instagrams popularity with 1million new Twitter followers.


10.Twitter – Going public, 100,000 Facebook followers and 1.5 Million Twitter followers. Good month I’d say.


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