Perk! Cafe mission statement and objectives

Last time we looked at our market and decided upon who to target Deciding on students and business workers around Oxford Road, Manchester. In this weeks workshop we set out to look at Perk! Cafe and give them the following:

1) Mission Statement

To provide premium quality Italian coffee, cakes, frozen yoghurt and smoothies to the heart of Manchester and to offer an excellent customer experience in the process.

2) Business Objective

To provide excellent customer service where 95% of customers would recommend u to a friend within the next 6 months by asking them to fill in a small survey before they leave.

3) Marketing Objective

To create awareness of the company/brand over the next 12 months by attracting at least 20 new customers a week.

4) Marketing communications objective

To create a marketing campaign that will help create awareness of the company/brand such as flyers and posters.

5) Digital marketing communications objective

To create a digital marketing campaign that creates awareness of the company by search engine optimisation in order to appear on the 1st page of google for Perk! manchester, manchester coffee shops and oxford road coffee shops within the next 12 months.

To create more of an online presence for the company/brand by improving their Facebook and Twitter profiles as well as hosting instagram competitions where consumers can win prizes based on their photos of them drinking coffee in the shop.

With all of this in mind our main aim is to create a digital marketing communications campaign to improve Perk! Cafe’s online presence as well as creating awareness of their brand with the use of SEO and improvements to various social medias.


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