The Viral Virus


Has anyone noticed the recent influx of viral advertisements hitting the web? Well we have. Virals are back, and they’re back in style! And we; the Digital People have composed a list of some of our favourite and least favorite most recent viral advertisements. Enjoy!

The good!

2. Telekinesis cafe prank

  • Views: 47 million
  • Likes: 290,000
  • Subscribers: 63,000

Using pranks as a method of viral advertisement seems to be a new trend taking place in the marketing world and it works delightfully well! Why? You ask. Real world pranks capture and engage an audience effectively due to the real life nature of the footage. Real people, real reactions! There’s nothing we relate to more than ourselves. And if the reactions of the victims are extreme and convincing you’ve got a winner!

This advertisement is successful due to the humorous, extreme and authentic reactions of the people involved. Although it is a piece of advertising, it is still extremely entertaining and unique and it therefore encourages people to share the entertainment online. The viewer is then asked to follow up the advertisement by using the #flexlikecarrie hashtag. Investigating this hashtag leeds to a page with further information on the film being advertised and peoples thoughts on the advertisement. Our only criticism is that the advertisement only provides a twitter hashtag as a passage into further information on the subject being advertised. For those who do not have twitter there is only the indirect option of googling the name screened at the end of the advertisement. Not a very resourceful use of social media!

Overall however, an entertaining piece of advertising which proved successful due to the high number of views (50 million) meaning high exposure for the film! The theme of the advert also ties in with the theme of the film, generating interest in the concept of the film.

1. LG tv prank

  • Views: 14 million
  • Subscribers: 8,000

We loved this clever little prank advertisement put together by LG. Not only does it successfully capture and engage its audience through its high entertainment value, but it also gets a clear, effective message across: “This tv is of such high quality that people actually believe the prank is real!” And the video managed to reach 14 million viewers with this messege! Our only criticism from a digital communications perspective is the lack of links to social platforms. This could have possibly have intensified the hype amongst consumers and increased viewing figures further! Well done however LG for this  ingenious piece of advertisement. It’s broad engagement with consumers, it’s professional quality, brand consistency and it’s clear and clever messege made this viral prankvertisement our favourite!

The bad: LG toilet prank

Views: unknown


And finally, one which we didn’t think worked so well. Another prankvertisement by LG. However, this one does not have quite the same effect. We felt the reactions of the people lacked humour, and the advertisement on the whole lacked the shock value, that the previous advertisements had. It resulted In a rather dull feeling advertisement which lacked entertainment value, and so resulted in much less views than their other more successful prankvertisement. The advert also failed to get across a legitimate, clear messege, as it is not clear atall wether the victims of the prank actually believed the actors featured on the screen were real or not.

Proof that viral advertisements take more careful planning than you’d think!


2 thoughts on “The Viral Virus

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