Submission 1: Section B – PSOs and objectives DSMMCM1314

Section B: Product, Service or Offering.

PSO1 – Coffee


  • Located near students and business workers in Manchester.
  • Cheaper than market leaders Starbucks and Costa.


PSO2 – Frozen Yoghurt


  • Growing trend in UK.
  • Healthy alternative to ice cream.
  • Personalisation, customer can choose toppings and flavours.


PSO3 – Panini’s


  • Quick, tasty, warm, healthy option for lunch.
  • Variety of fillings.


  • Competition.

Chosen PSO:

We have decided to focus our attention on PSO2 – Frozen Yoghurts as it is a growing market in the UK. The main problem is it being a seasonal product. We decided to steer away from focusing on coffee as Starbucks are already innovative with launching their @tweetacoffee.

Section B: DMC objectives

In order to plan our digital marketing strategy we used the SOSTAC planning framework (Chaffey and Smith, 2008). Firstly by applying SWOT analysis (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2012) to establish where we are now.

1) To create awareness of the company by maximising SEO in order to appear on the 1st page of Google and to maintain this within the next 12 months.


  • Creates brand awareness.
  • Ease of access to website.


  • Can be very time consuming.
  • Need good knowledge of SEO to pull it off.

2) To launch an Instagram competition where at least 100 consumers will enter by taking photos of their best Frozen Yoghurt combination over one month.


  • Very interactive with consumers.


  • We must assume that customers have access to Instagram.
  • May be hard to choose a winner.

3) To create a viral video and get over 1000 views on YouTube within its first week of being loaded.



  • Failure = negative feedback.

Priority of objectives:

We aim to give main priority to our Instagram competition as it will create great awareness and help gain sales of Frozen Yoghurts and be highly interactive with customers. We thought there was too much of a risk with viral videos and SEO can be prioritised second as more of a long term strategy than a tactic.


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