Apple seek help from Heisenberg.

DSMMCM1314 - The Digital People

Whether you are a fan of Apple or not, you have to admit that their marketing team are a bunch of geniuses. Every advert leaves consumers not only wishing they owned that product but actually feeling that they need it.

The secret is to steer clear of boring facts and figures about how much the product can do, what hardware it has and how it works. Instead, go for something simple, give it a nice melody and don’t even talk about the product. This seems to be Apple’s marketing strategy and it seems to be working alright for them.

Not only that, why not grab the hand of everybody’s favourite meth amphetamine cook? None other than Bryan Cranston (Walter White) from the global phenomenon Breaking Bad. Let him do the talking about how great this “pencil” is and receive the shock at the end. Not only is he talking about…

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