‘Dumb Ways To Die’ – The Game With A Hidden Agenda


If you did not catch our initial blog post about this clever little game, skip to the bottom to see an introduction.

So did anyone find the hidden message? Half way through the game we firstly see a button appear. If you click this button you make a ‘promise to be safe around trains’. This was our first clue. But we thought it was quite odd. Why does the game want us to promise to be safe around trains? anyway after completion of the game a video is unlocked. We’ve posted the video below for you to watch if you haven’t seen it already. Its pretty cute.

‘Be safe around trains’ is the message, and that’s the secret agenda! It was a marketing ploy, created by the government in order to reduce the amount of deaths on train tracks. Maybe not the secret agenda you had in mind, but we found it quite interesting.

So did it work? Well the video received an incredible 65 million views which contains the message ‘be safe around trains’ at the end. Maybe many more views than the government expected. So yes, we the digital people thought it was a great little campaign. Have fun whilst learning about health and safety! I hope you enjoyed the game and the video too and remember guys…




‘Dumb Ways To Die’ on the surface, appears to be a perfectly normal and extremely entertaining gaming application. It features a broad range of strange, close to death scenarios which the gamer must wriggle their way out of by blowing, swiping or tapping on their smartphone. But delve deeper into the game and a secret agenda is revealed! The Digital people had a go at this highly addictive and fun game and our suspicions grew with every point we gained. Have a go at the game and see whether you can figure it out! Its available in the app store for free.

Comment with your own suspicions and we will be revealing answers to the mystery next week! Good-luck & enjoy!


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