Xbox One vs PS4

In the next couple of weeks consumers will see the launch of the next generation of video game consoles. There is a lot on the web comparing these two and there seems to be a large rivalry between them, so here at The Digital People, we thought we’d take a quick look at their marketing campaigns.

Xbox One: Launching 22nd November 2013

Microsoft here have largely used humour and their release titles to their advantage whilst combining it with celebrity endorsement by introducing Steven Gerrard and even Spock from Star Trek making an appearance. Not only is it an entertaining advert to watch, it’s very informative without us noticing as it manages to show us many of the features of the new dashboard such as the ability to watch TV and answer Skype calls in the middle of it.

They also tweeted Sony congratulating them on their console launch in the US, however, it has caused some controversy as people think they were being sarcastic about it. Only Microsoft will know whether they were or not, but we thought it was a nice gesture! Either way the hype continues as consumers continue to talk about both companies.

PS4: Launching 29th November 2013

Sony have heavily focused on the sense of nostalgia in their advert, which gives its customers a lovely warm feeling in their relationship with the Playstation. They are able to hear the original sounds from the first Playstation along with changes in the room and music reflecting the era of that specific console. They also include the hashtag #4ThePlayers enhancing that relationship with their customers and encouraging involvement with them talking on Twitter.

Sony even took over London’s OXO tower ahead of their launch displaying the famous buttons of the controller, the circle, X, square and triangle all present.

So now that you’ve seen them both, which one do you prefer? Are you planning on buying one? Let us now by sending a message on Facebook or tweeting us @Digital__People


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