The Creativity Project!

What is the creativity project? 

Creativity is something commonly talked about, yet it seems to be something very few people know much about. There are also many mis-understandings about creativity. People often say: ‘im not capable of being creative’ or ‘i’m a technical thinker, im not creative’ which often creates a limitation for people. We believe people do not need to set these limitations, we believe everyone is capable of creativity.

We will be regularly updating this page with quotes, pictures, and videos containing peoples opinions on creativity and advise on how we can nuture our own creative sprits! So explore this page, enjoy yourself and hopefully you can learn a thing or two!

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This week: Ken robinson, How schools kill creativity

During this humorous TED talk ,Ken Robinson explains his fustrating experiences with the education system and its current systematic approach that places the least amount of importance on creative subjects such as art and drama. This causes a problem whereby children supress their creative desires and force themselves into subjects they do not enjoy. Ken Robinson believe deeply that the education system needs some radical changes, or children are going to feel increasingly lost, as they lose their sense of purpose and fun.

This week: How to develop your creativity

This week we have selected a TED talk video containing an opinion on creativity which we,  The Digital People hold close to our hearts: Creativity is for all, not just exclusive to certain people!


We often hear people referring to others as ‘creative people’ and many have even started to refer to themselves or others as ‘creatives’. In many cases people even believe that creative people have an exclusive set of personality traits. Many of these ideas are arguable, however we believe everyone is capable of being creative, and it is simply a process of removing the mental blocks which prevent you from growing in creative confidence and becoming your true creative self!

Watch the video below which contains the experiences and opinions of David Kelley the founder of legendary design firm IDEO. He’s been involved in many creative projects such as the development of the first computer mouse, and like us, he believes that creativity is not exclusive to certain people. Instead his theory is that some people’s creativity is suppressed throughout their lives through various experiences.  Have a look and see what you think, and stay in tune over the coming weeks as we’re going to be providing a number of articles on the exploration of creativity!


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