PS4 – Greatness Awaits

What an advertisement! powerful isnt it?

As a passionate ex gamer, this advertisement created a real sense of excitement for me and i was almost lured into the ps4 hype and forced to purchase a PS4. Did you feel it too? Up until now i think its safe to say some of the advertisements for Xbox one and Ps4 have been pretty dry.
In the case of XboxOne the advertisements have usually consisted of video footage of gamers sat in their living rooms enjoying the multiple features of the gaming platform. Dvds, Voice control, skype calls. At one point in one of Xbox’s advertisements a woman even says: ‘xboxone, play star treck enterprise!’ when it would have clearly have been much easier to just select the film with the control pad. Surely people see through this? Surely these are features of technology we have all been familiar with for years?

Ps4 throws this strategy into the wind with this explosive advertisement, This advert says we’re here and were bigger and we’re better! its an advertisement for the hardcore gamers. Those that care about the gaming, not the voice control features and the ability to watch films. It’s explosive, its exciting! it makes you feel like there is something you will miss out on if you’re not involved!

The advertisement continued this hype by leaving hidden messeges and icons in the advertisement for viewers to find, increasing the generation of interest and conversation surrownding the launch.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 16.19.25

Did you enjoy this advertisement? tell us what you think of the marketing battle between Xboxone and Ps4!


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