How does Beyonce sell? by doing nothing

The Digital People decided to have a look at two recent works of fantastic PR stunts. Both of which use very different approaches equally as effective as one another.

Here, Westjet have produced a viral phenomenon with a very innovative idea into Christmas giving and has had the whole world talking about their brand whilst sharing their video at the same time.


Whereas on the other end of the spectrum Beyoncé released her new self titled album via iTunes, crashing the website, without anyone knowing and with just one simple “Surprise!” during a press release.  This shows that with the power of the internet and fame no spending is needed on advertising. Obviously this wouldn’t have worked for a new artist, but with Beyoncé’s loyal fan base, she easily pulled it off. It also prevented her album from leaking onto the internet before it was released as many albums do nowadays.

Both of these are effective methods, both with their advantages and different audiences. Which one do you think is more effective?


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