Perk’s suitable Digital Marketing Approaches

‘Social media marketing is an important category of digital marketing which involves encouraging customer communications on a company’s own site, or social presences such as Facebook or Twitter or in specialist publisher sites, blogs and forums’ – Chaffey, 2012.

Chaffey’s statement combined with Mintel research indicates that the precise use of social media is an appropriate method of marketing to students. However, we have also analysed other forms of digital marketing in order to consider a wide range of methods and desired outcomes. 

Effectiveness of digital social marketing with our target audience:

We have noted the following data when considering the effectiveness of digital social marketing with our target audience.

  • Social media activity is highest amongst young people aged 16-24 (Mintel Table 2)
  • Increasing popularity of social networks and websites (Mintel, 2013)
  • Two thirds of smartphone owners have downloaded social media apps. (Mintel, 2013)

Priority 1 – Instagram video/photo competition




Instagram photo/video competition using @perk tag, to win perk products.



+ Encourages significant involvement and interaction with customers (Chaffey, 2012). Incentive driven competition drives customers to purchase products and share their purchase with their Instagram followers. With Perks name contained in the tag of 20-100 photos, an increase in brand reach and awareness is ensured.

+ Can gather and store the response of the individual. (Deighton, 1996)

+ Low risk factor as there is a low cost implication.

+ Perks own products as an incentive, increasing the surplus of consumers who have trialled Perks products thus expanding our potential customer size. Also reduces the implementation cost and means the prize quantity can be adjusted according to the anticipated customer response

+ Instagram is currently a hugely popular online trend particularly with our target market (young people 17-22, includes students)


– Assumes customer has Instagram

– Cost and time consumption, deciding a winner every 2 weeks

Priority 2 – Unique Code Online Feedback

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 13.01.11

It is important to conduct market research to ascertain what areas of the business can be improved. For this reason we have chosen to implement the following approach:

A customer specific number would be printed on the customers receipt and purchased product, the customer would then be asked to visit the Perk website, or scan the code using their iPhone scanning app. Customers are then asked to enter their email address, the number on the receipt, and answer short feedback questions online to add value to their ‘Perk Points’ account, providing discounts.


+ Incentive driven approach, acquiring valuable feedback on areas to improve and to acquire valuable contact details

+ Low risk. Can easily increase customer incentives if participation is low.

+ Highly measurable


– If there is low level of participants and information gathered isn’t worth the value of the prize offer.


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