Perk’s non-suitable marketing approaches

App Development



 + Attracting new customers. (Infographic: 2013 Mobile Growth Statistics)

+ Fun, widely sharable idea.

+ Enhance customer experience, service and involvement.


Significant time and cost implication, development and marketing.

– An app is a global product, thus any use outside of Manchester would be wasted as they are not likely to ever make a purchase.

We decided this was inappropriate for Perk as they wouldn’t have the money or expertise to produce an app and would be global, rather than local which is unnecessary.

Pay-per-click advertising



+ It gives advertisers a lot of control of their budgets and audiences.

+Assigning different ad copies for specific keywords and demographics, such as ‘Perk’ and ‘Oxford Road’ for example could dramatically increase the quality of website traffic for our business.


– High cost for small return, as those that click through aren’t likely to visit the shop.

– Can’t guarantee specific search terms will be used along with the exposure that larger companies may have compared to us.

– A recent Google survey revealed that 85-percent of people claim to ignore sponsored listings when searching via Google.

We decided that this is inappropriate because it is too much of a high cost for Perk with a low return because they only want to attract local consumers at the moment.


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