The square – An exhilarating insight into Egypt’s revolution


Film reviews are not posts often made by the Digital People, but this one we couldn’t avoid.

The Square is a gripping, oscar nominated documentary film, which follows the lives of four characters as they and thousands of other protesters occupy Tahrir Square, Egypt with the aim of toppling the brutal dictatorship led by President Mubarak and his army regime.

Tired of the constant injustices, the people unite and bring a powerful revolution to the streets of Egypt. However, the film takes an interesting turn as the characters and we, the audience learn that a revolution is not as simple as it may seem. Undermined by the medias lies, betrayed by the muslim brotherhood and mis-understood by the people of Egypt, the revolutionaries struggle to keep their dream of freedom alive.

Fast paced, un-predictible and utterly gripping, this film takes you on a  journey as you accompany real people involved in a tragic but heroic historical event.

for this reason we give it: 5/5

A truly mesmerising and insightful film. We believe this film marks a change in the documentation of political events. It’s spontaneous and intimate style is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before from a documentary. As you watch the film, you easily forget that it’s based on real events. The footage of the events as it happens in real-time makes you feel as if you shared the experience with the characters, with whom you feel an intimate bond. This makes it a must watch for anyone. Theres something we can all learn from the bravery of the revolutionaries of Tahrir Square!

The square is the first Egyptian film to earn an Oscar nomination – but it cannot actually officially be shown in Egypt itself. That is down to its provocative subject matter: the documentary charts the course of Egypt’s political upheaval since 2011. Watch the film and you will discover why those in power do not want the people of Egypt to see the footage contained within the film.


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