Happy 30th Birthday Mac

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh and Apple has been celebrating in various different ways. The Apple Mac has come along a great deal within the 30 years that it has graced our planet. With Microsoft dominating the desktop computer market in the early days everywhere you look now, whether it be in the local Starbucks or public library there is bound to be someone with a Mac of some kind. The Digital People take a look at what Apple have been doing to celebrate the success of the product 30 years on.

The original Mac 128k:

mac 124k

Apple started its celebrations by taking over their homepage sporting a video of the 30 years of Mac. They have also been rumoured to be placing an advert of a similar nature during the breaks of the Superbowl.

They have also changed the appearance of the app store and iTunes to mark the occasion. Even the shops have joined in to promote the birthday of their product:


So, Happy Birthday Mac! From The Digital People.


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