Benefits row – Jack Monroe vs Edwina Currie (video)

Many of you may have seen the letter recently written by Jack Monroe to Edwina Currie concerning the argument which erupted during Channel 5’s  ‘Big Benefits Row’ live show.

The argument began when Jack (a single mum who produces her own cheap recipe cooking shows) was interrupted by Edwina Currie when attempting to provide insight into the desperate homelessness and food banks situation in Britain. We thought the personal attack on Jack was irrelevant, distracting and unfair.

The row also highlighted many of the problems with current political debates, whereby potentially educational talks turn into a personal dispute between individuals or opposing groups.

The show has been criticised for its trivial nature and its lack of political contribution as it featured a bizarre number of attacks and arguments between panelists and audience members. However, we invite you to take a look into the House of Parliament. Is it much different?

So what can we learn from last nights show? It seems that nothing good comes from a battle of egos. I think its time we all learnt a bit of empathy and started to debate for the welfare of our country and our fellow man, rather than to settle personal disputes!

We’ve included the video below for anyone who has been struggling to find the clip!


2 thoughts on “Benefits row – Jack Monroe vs Edwina Currie (video)

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