Is It the End of the Line For Vine?

Has anyone noticed yet how Vine seems to have died out? Our Facebook feeds used to be filled with random and hilarious videos but they are no more!

Business Insider recently created a chart illustrating that since Instagram launched their video capability that use of Vine by brands has reduced significantly.


Instagram have a wider reach having been around for longer so it makes sense that brands would make the switch now that Instagram have the capabilities, and where the brands lead the consumer followed.

Vine’s reign as king of video has seemed to have been short lived. But what for the other video based social apps?

When SnapChat recently turned down a $3.5bn buyout off from Facebook many people thought they had made a big mistake. And according to their Monthly Active User (MAU) is down by -81% since the first quarter of 2013… Not looking good for them either!

Does this signal the ending of SnapChat too?

Its possibly time firms begin to distinguish between short-lived trends and keepers. Vine brought us immense amounts of joy and entertainment but it inevitably couldn’t last. It became an internet trend, and as we’ve seen with many other internet trends such as memes, they all fizzle out after a short but well-lived life.


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