Marketing students posters advise and pictures!

So our group has just completed our strategic communications and planning poster presentation. The two teachers assessing the presentation were Jeff and Angela, and both seemed to be extremely pleased with our groups presentation for Alpen bar.

Our research indicated that Alpen were seen as being a ‘boring’ brand, as they failed to adjust with the times. They currently do not even have a Facebook or Twitter page. Hows that for digital marketing!?

So our group decided to focus on providing Alpen with a strong online presence, through the use of a Facebook campaign called ‘like an Alpen’. This involves the encouragement of potential customers to like Alpens Facebook page, invite 10 friends to like the Facebook page too which leads to a reward of a delicious packet of Alpen cereal bars!

We also produced and interlinked a  TV and Twitter campaign called #dontcryoverspiltmilk. This involved a humorous TV advertisement which highlights the efficient benefits of eating an alpen bar during some of our busiest moments! We encouraged customers to upload videos of themselves during their most stressful moments onto Alpens twitter page via Vine or Instagram, with an explanation of how they overcame the stress.

Our teachers loved the ideas (particularly the TV campaign) and said the presentation was brilliant.

So what is vital to success in this project?

For any groups who have upcoming presentations we can offer you this advise, based on our own experience.

  • Be creative with your poster! Creativity is something your group will be marked on so it is very important your team makes an effort to produce a pretty poster. Our group worked hard on our posters aesthetic appearance and it seemed to be well received. More importantly, make sure the appearance of your poster reflects the brand. This is of vital importance as it shows you have an understanding of your brand and its themes.
  • Back your strategies up with statistics! Although our group had actually prepared statistics, this was something our group wasn’t fully expecting. Every strategy our group produced was questioned on its viability. Angela and Jeff want to know roughly how much your campaign will cost, and they want to know whether your company has the funds to support the costs. So do your research! it will pay off.
  • Justify everything! When your group thinks of an idea, ask yourselves: why? why? why? You want to create a twitter campaign? ask yourself why! Is twitter a social platform commonly used by your target audience?  Does your company currently not make much use of Twitter? Our group used such evidence as Facebook statistics which indicate increasing  brand interaction amongst users on Facebook. We also found statistics which show that Facebook has the highest number of users amongst its social network competitors. This kind of information can be easily found if you search through Infographics which are extremely useful for quickly accessing vital information. These statistics are important because it shows that you understand why you are using the marketing tools which you and your team have chosen. If you justify everything you have done, theres very little room for criticism, and you may end up in a situation like our group whereby one of the teachers assessing our poster simply said: ‘i can’t think of any questions, its brilliant.’
  • Timing & practice. Don’t think that the timing is something you don’t need to worry about. Angela and Jeff have stressed that questions are vital to your overall grade. If they don’t get the chance to ask questions you are not going to be able to justify your methods and so you will lose alot of marks! so what can you do? Practice. Our group went over our presentation at least 4 times whilst timing our run-through, enabling us to complete the presentation within the 10 minute mark. This also decreases the chance of any mistakes being made. This is very important, because if you do not practice you may well give into nerves and forget information which is vital to your strategy. Remember you only get one chance within a short 10 minute slot to justify the ideas which you have produced!

So i hope this helps all of the groups who have upcoming presentations. Take this information seriously along with the other sources available on Moodle and you will have no problem impressing Angela and Jeff. If you have any questions about the presentations message us on this wordpress or our Digital People Facebook page.

Thankyou, goodluck and enjoy!


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