The actor confusion illusion!

So, Hollywood seems to have thrown a few big, successful male actors our way recently. They’re all over our TV screens. But does anyone else think they all look alike? This blog post is for those of you who, like us are lost and confused, deranged and abused by this out of control endless spiralling void of hollywood actor confusion.

For those of you who have not become confused, well done you are clever and you deserve everything good that ever happens to you. Here we go anyway…



1.) This is Bradley Cooper. Known for his leading role in the The Silver Lining, Limitless and of course the Hangover movies. He is not to be confused with Mathew Mcconaughey, Owen Wilson or Woody Harrelson!

2.)  dsmmcm1314-Matthew-McConaugheyThis is Mathew Mcconaughey. He has recently become well known for his lead role in Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective (both absolutely brilliant things which must be watched.) Not to be confused with Bradley Cooper, Owen Wilson or Woody Harrelson!



3.) This is Owen Wilson. He is best known for his role in ZooLander, Wedding Crashers, The Internship, The Darjeeling Limited, You Me & Dupree and Marley and Me. He is not to be confused with: Bradley Cooper, Mathew Mcconaughey or Woody Harrelson!



4.) dsmmcm1314-woody-harrelsonWoody Harrelson. Best known for his lead role in ZombieLand, Hungar Games 1, Hunger Games 2, Seven Psychopaths, ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ and also True Detective. Not to be confused with Bradley Cooper, Mathew Mcconaughey, Owen Wilson and British actor Jason Statham!



5.) Jason Statham. Best known for his role lead in films: The Transporter, Crank, The Expendables, The Mechanic, Safe and Snatch! Not to be confused with… well just Woody Harrelson really. I guess thats where the void of madness ends.

So to sum up yes I know, these people look exactly the same. Indistinguishable. Maybe they’re twins. Maybe this is the image which all Hollywood actors eventually merge into. Maybe its a conspiracy. Maybe they’re all in-fact one single humanoid. It is potentially all just an illusion. Yes that seems to make sense…

And here they all are side-by-side. Prepare to be confused… Big time.


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