The REAL First Kiss Video

You may have seen an undeniable lovely viral video doing the rounds this week claiming to feature strangers passionately kissing for the first time. “What a lovely idea!”, you may thought. Well it turns out, after someone on the web did some digging and found out that it was all an advert for a brand (what else would you expect), and that the people featured well all actors and models. Shame.

After that, yesterday, came some genuinely hilarious parody videos titled ‘The First Hand Job’ and ‘The First Sniff’, but today a Belgian TV programme, Volt, has made a genuine version of strangers kissing for the first time.
It’s all a bit more awkward than the first hoax version, but I guess it was always going to be when the people aren’t actors, and some of techniques looks like something you might see at a high school party, but alas… here it is.


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