Will we see a battle of the iwatch vs Android watch?


With the launch of Googles android watch software, the question now is being posed as to wether Apple will return a blow with their own watch model…

The images we currently have of Google’s watch designs are delightful, but Apple have proved themselves to be the masters of design and functionality time and time again, (yes that was a wonderfully well constructed pun)

…so who shall win the design war? What would you choose? an watch or an android watch?

Below are some images of the android software and at the very bottom, design concepts of the apple watch. Personally we think the circular designs are much sleeker. Big bulky design concepts are surely not going to become the succeeder…we might swell cello-tape our iPhones to our wrists!

Android-Wear-notifications-2 Android-Wear-rectangle Android-Wear-round


i-watch concepts

iwatchScreen Shot 2014-04-01 at 14.30.53


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