About us!

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 16.13.00

Hello and welcome to the backstage with The Digital People! That’s us up there wearing our robot costumes. In order of appearance, the team consists of Sam, Ross and Lewis! Three lovely gents who specialise in digital marketing, but are capable of anything you can ask of us! Including rocket science!

The Digital People is a final year university project. The aim is to create an interesting blog and reach as many viewers as possible. We are also simultaneously creating advertisement ideas for a company or brand of our choice. We chose Perk, a lovely frozen yoghurt cafe on Oxford road, Manchester in the new glass building. If you live nearby give them a visit, because their yoghurts are beautiful and their coffees sweet!

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 16.50.05perky

And finally, the team that receives the most blog views and viewer interest and response, wins an award… the SEO cup! the trophy every student dreams of as they sleep. So golden, so delicious, so extravagant!!

So… have an explore through our blog and if you enjoy our stuff, like our Facebook page or follow our twitter to receive our latest updates!

Thankyou for reading, and enjoy!


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