Current Projects

The company we have decided to focus our digital efforts upon is ‘Perk!’ a newly developed food, drinks and frozen yoghurts cafe on Oxford road, situated next to the new Tescos building.

We chose to focus upon this company because firstly, it is situated in a densely populated student area, on oxford road by all the main student campuses. It caters to a range of consumers as it sells good quality, healthy and unique recipes. and the venue offers a light, open and organic atmosphere for the consumer who would like to rest their feet and make use of the free wi-fi. To the average consumer it seemingly has all the ingredients for success. Yet the cafe has not been the success it could be.

Scratch the surface of the company, dig deeply into its digital dwellings and we find little or nothing ‘digital’ actually exists.  Our group even struggled to find any information at all related to the company and we had the knowledge of their name, service and location. The coffee shop cannot be found on google when the sentence “perk! manchester” is entered. It also does not appear if ‘frozen yoghurts oxford road’ or ‘coffee shops oxford road’ is typed into google! It is yet to even appear on google maps. It also so far has no reviews or blog comments linked to it. After further investigation we discovered they have an activated twitter account, but no Facebook page, website or any other form of social media connected to the company. why is the company lacking in customer precence? lack of digital presence!

And thats the problem what we’re here to solve!


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